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Remedy: Alan Wake is finally "done"

Only polish to add. How novel.

Finnish developer Remedy has revealed that the long-awaited Alan Wake is now finished.

"It's all done, we're just polishing at this point," boss Matias Myllyrinne told Joystiq at GDC Europe, which precedes the gamescom consumer event over in Cologne, Germany this week.

Remedy will have Alan Wake in tow at that German show, but only be regurgitating the presentation shown at E3 in July to the best of our knowledge. That's the same one we posted exclusively on EGTV yesterday, you know.

We also popped Alan Wake on our analysis couch at E3. And then wrote about it.

Alan Wake is due out exclusively on Xbox 360 in spring 2010. A PC version will follow, and a demo of either is unlikely.

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Alan Wake

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