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Buy GH5 and get Van Halen free

Activision tired of Scrooge image?

Activision is offering a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen to anyone pre-ordering Guitar Hero 5.

There is some small print. This is a limited-time offer supported locally by only Play.com and Amazon.co.uk. And the GH5 website links go only to Xbox 360 guitar-plus-game bundles.

Weirdly, neither retailer mentions the deal.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen won't be out in Europe until next year, although North Americans can buy the game three days before Christmas. But will there be any shelf space next to Turbo Man?

This offer is in stark contrast to recent pricing strategies by Activision, which have seen the SRP of Modern Warfare upped to £55, and copies of DJ Hero-plus-turntable or Tony Hawk-plus-skateboard costing over £100.