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"Okamiden" in next week's Famitsu

Is Capcom trademark an Okami sequel?

Andriasang reports that next week's issue of Japanese games magazine Famitsu will feature a game called Okamiden - a recent Capcom trademark, rumoured to be a sequel to the gorgeous PS2 and Wii adventure, Okami.

The news comes via the Japanese website for retailer 7-Eleven, which mentions "Okamiden" under the contents for the issue, due on 3rd September.

Okamiden surfaced as a Capcom trademark last week, spotted by Japanese forum 2channel and subsequently picked up by Siliconera and others. Rumours that it's an Okami sequel are based on nothing more than the fact that it sounds like one (Okamiden might be a contraction of Okami Gaiden or Okami Densetsu).

Capcom owns the rights to Okami, but parted company with its developers when the Clover studio was dissolved and they left to form Platinum Games, now working closely with SEGA on the likes of MadWorld and Bayonetta. A renewal of that partnership seems unlikely at the moment.

Okami was ported to the Wii last year by US developer Ready at Dawn, and that version is due a belated release in Japan this October.

There are too many question marks over this one to take it for granted, so keep a lid on your hopes until Famitsu hits Japanese news stands next week.