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360 GOD pricing varies by territory

Australians pay 6000 MSP for Mass Effect.

As the new Xbox Live update rolls out, prices for the new Games on Demand service have been found to vary much more than the 1600 to 2400 Microsoft Points originally revealed in the US.

Kotaku has learned that each Xbox territory is responsible for setting its own prices, and some seem to feel that the US isn't asking enough.

A NeoGAF forum thread has collated the prices known so far, and Australia and New Zealand seem to be the worst offenders, asking as much as 6000 MSP - $99.99 in Australian money, or some £45 - for Mass Effect, and 3000-4400 points for some other titles.

The UK and most European countries seem to be sticking to the 2400 MSP (£19.99 / €29.99) upper price point, but applying it across the board - even on titles, like Sonic the Hedgehog, that are being offered for 1600 MSP in the US.

"No one retailer has the lowest pricing for every product, and our program is about giving people 24 /7 convenience and selection when shopping for Xbox 360 games," Xbox Australia told Kotaku in a statement.

Games on Demand offers digital distribution of Xbox 360 games for the first time. The line-up includes Assassin's Creed, Oblivion and LEGO Star Wars, many of which are available from the shops for less than the asking price. Is the convenience worth the extra few quid? Or is a game without a box and manual worth less than physical media?