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OutRun free with FM2010 on Steam

Pre-order carries discount, too.

SEGA is offering a free copy of OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast to anyone pre-ordering Football Manager 2010 on Steam. There's a 25 per cent discount there at the moment, too.

That's significant because OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast is "absolutely brilliant", and well worthy of the 9/10 Eurogamer awarded at the time.

Football Manager 2010 should be equally accomplished, and was unveiled last week as a visually more "vibrant" and mechanically more accessible entry in the series.

But, as far as pre-order campaigns go, rival Championship Manager 2010 leads the scoring - offering fans the opportunity to "Pay What You Want" for the game, which can be as low as £2.51.

Championship Manager 2010 launches first on 11th September, followed by Football Manager 2010 on 30th October.