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Tekken 6 coming to Eurogamer Expo

PS3 and 360 versions playable at show.

Welcome back, fact-finders. Today sees us continuing our long and noble tradition of telling you what will happen at the Expo in October, via the medium of text. We've already confirmed SEGA's AVP and Bayonetta, and today is the turn of Namco Bandai, who roll into the ring armed with both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of premier smack-'em-up Tekken 6.

The culmination of 14 years of constant fine-tuning, Tekken 6 is the first game in the series to nail the 60fps prize - offering a level of smoothness essential to the correct distribution of knuckle sandwiches. There's also an extended character roster, a brand new story and new locations - making it the most complete entry in the series' history. Simon Parkin describes it a great deal more eloquently than I in his recent preview, so why not pop over and soak up his excitement?

UK PR head at Namco Bandai, Lee Kirton, had this to say about his violent digital baby: "We're very excited to be putting Tekken 6 into the hands of fighting fans at the Eurogamer Expo. This is the first Tekken title to grace both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 formats, and it features the largest roster of characters ever for a Tekken title as well as 60fps gameplay, gorgeous graphics and incredibly fluid action."

As Simon mentions, Europe is big business for the fisticuff franchise - with two thirds of the series' 33 million sales to date being made here - so the Expo is a no-brainer for Namco Bandai, as it is for anyone with opposable thumbs and an ounce of sense. We expect that includes you, so why not take the ticket-purchasing intelligence test lurking just over here before you get distracted?