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New Monster 4x4 game coming to Wii

Play Stunt Racer this autumn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A new instalment in the Monster 4x4 series is on the way for Wii.

Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer promises to offer "even bigger wheels, faster trucks and crazier stunts". You can use nitro to pull off barrel rolls, backflips and the like as you race around seven new tracks.

You can also expect six fully upgradeable vehicles and five unlockable supercars, plus a split-screen mode for up to four players. Multiplayer modes include Racing, Freestyle Show-Off and Last Man Standing.

The original Monster 4x4 didn't do so well with the critics. In fact it only got a 4, ironimacally, from Eurogamer in our review. But that didn't stop it becoming the second highest-selling driving game on the Wii, according to Ubisoft - presumably just behind Mario Kart. Shows what we know.

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