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Public MW2 beta may still happen - IW

Multiplayer still a "major focus", says dev.

Infinity Ward has said Modern Warfare 2 may still get a public beta, and reassured us that multiplayer has been in development since "day-one" and remains a "major focus" of the game.

"As I've told you many times in the past, expect no public beta unless we announce otherwise," Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward community manager, said on his blog. "That is still the case. We would never say something as definitive as 'No Beta Ever!' as that's simply not how we work. We'll do an internal beta, if we feel a public one is needed, we'll explore that route as well."

"Multiplayer has been in development since day one of working on Modern Warfare 2, and this is the essential run-up to launch when we're playing everyday, hammering away on it to make sure it's as polished as can be by launch. As always, our internal QA team has daily multiplayer tests in addition to company-wide nightly MP tests we hold from the moment MP is in a running state throughout development."

"Multiplayer has always been and will always remain a major focus for the team at Infinity Ward and we would never ship a product we didn't feel lived up to the high standards we hold ourselves to," he added. "This decision allows us to deliver a more polished experience, which in the end, is what we all want."

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 arrives on 10th November for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Our gamepages below have oodles more details.