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Make Something Unreal winners revealed

Penultimate phase of competition judged.

Epic has revealed the winners of Phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal competition and released the mods for your consumption.

Now only Phase 4 awaits, where entries will be judged by qualified judges, and serious prize money dished out.

Prizes for Phase 3 aren't too shabby, however, as cash and hardware rewards for the round amount to around $100,000.

Entries are broken into 10 categories, the two biggies being Best First-Person Shooter Game Mod and Best Non-FPS Game Mod. The former went to The Ball: Teotl by Toltec Studios, and the latter was won by The Haunted by Michael Hegemann and team.

A full list of winners and appropriate download links can be found on the Make Something Unreal website.

Well done, those that took part.