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Bethesda to publish Wheelspin

It's a Wii racer from Archer Maclean.

Bethesda has snapped up Archer Maclean's Wii-exclusive racer Wheelspin, and plans a release sometime this autumn.

The setting is futuristic and the action is spread across interplanetary tracks where cars reach speeds of 650kph. Developer Awesome aims to push the hardware "further than any other Wii racing game to date", with 60fps and 480p widescreen set as the target.

"You have to see the graphics moving to believe it's coming out of a Wii," said Maclean in a statement.

Solo mode involves time, shortcut, find-the-spanner challenges, while Race mode shoves seven other cars into the picture. Battle mode, on the other hand, equips weaponry for a good old dust-up.

Split-screen multiplayer will work with the latter two modes, and developer Awesome Play will support Wii remote, nunchuk, GameCube controller and steering wheel control methods.

Archer Maclean's videogame career stretches back decades. He's been responsible for classics like IK+, Dropzone and Jimmy White Snooker, plus more recent hits like puzzler Mercury for PSP. He must be very old.