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No multiplayer in LittleBigPlanet PSP

Everything else is in and jump's tweaked.

Sony has had to cut multiplayer out of LittleBigPlanet in order to get it to work on the PSP, but other than that the game's remarkably complete.

"The one thing we've lost is multiplayer. You've got full physics systems, you got full create mode, you've got all the aspects of LittleBigPlanet - you can upload, download, ad-hoc share with people - but we haven't got multiplayer," senior producer Mark Green told Eurogamer at gamescom today.

"It's a trade-off. The system is physically capable of doing multiplayer, but perhaps not with the full physics system. On the technical side of things you lose a third of the processing power or a third of the system memory just to do multiplayer at all. With those limitations we couldn't achieve it."

Multiplayer was kind of a big deal in the PS3 version, to say the least, so this is a definite blow. On the plus side, the game is, as Green says, fully featured otherwise, besides the use of two planes rather than three.

"The PS3 had those three planes you could move around on, but the first thing we asked Media Molecule was whether we could reduce that to two, and they were like, well, most of the levels we built can be played with two anyway, so that's not a problem," Green explained.

Green also said that he too wasn't a fan of the jump handling in the PS3 version, but that the team at Sony's Cambridge studio had improved on it for the PSP version.

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