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Monster Hunter Tri gets Euro release

For Europe and US in early 2010.

Capcom has revealed that Monster Hunter Tri will head West to Europe and the US early next year.

The date for the Wii-exclusive, which has already been released across Japan, gets no more specific.

Capcom says the first localised version of the game will be on show at gamescom in Cologne, Germany later this month. Eurogamer monster lover Dan Pearson - he who reviewed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - will be there to see Tri.

Monster Hunter Tri is "one of the most striking beautiful titles ever developed for the Wii", claims Capcom, and allows you not only the freedom of land, but also the chance to tackle underwater beasts. Have a look at the screenshots to see if you agree.

You'll be able to do that either on your own with AI companion Cha-Cha, or with three friends via a custom online Wi-Fi mode.

Head over to Eurogamer TV for the lavish Monster Hunter Tri intro trailer.