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Lips sequel pout in October

With Avatar support, goodies.

Microsoft has announced a 23rd October release date for Lips: Number One Hits, the second instalment in the Xbox 360 karaoke series.

New this time is Xbox Live Avatar integration and accessories for them, which are unlocked as you progress. You can now also climb dynamic leaderboards as you sing, and race up the ranks as you nail passages earning crucial combos and multipliers.

Number One Hits has 40 tracks by current pop power-acts like Lady GaGa and Rihanna, as well as classic crooners like Marvin Gaye and Roy Orbison. Once those are exhausted, the new Hot Tracks feature allows online additions to be previewed before purchase.

Despite flashing and motion-sensing microphones, Lips disappointed last year because, basically, it didn't work. If developer iNiS has addressed those problems, Lips might finally offer a worthy alternative to SingStar.

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