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Killzone 2 throne room for Home

Plus post-apocalyptic apartment.

Sony has said to expect "the biggest ever virtual items content release in PlayStation Home" today, headlined by the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room and the new Post-Apocalyptic Apartment.

The Visari Throne Room is based on one of the bits at the end of Killzone 2, apparently, and will be offered along with various other items. Judging by the videos on the PlayStation blog, these include a chair.

Elsewhere, "The new Post-Apocalyptic Apartment is sure to appeal to your inner Road Warrior, and to celebrate its unveiling we're offering a value bundle of furniture that runs the gamut from chairs to couches to tables to flooring to storage to assorted décor all at a special introductory price that just can't be beat," according to the blog.

There will be approximately 70 items in total for the apartment, and in addition even to that you can expect animated T-shirts to show where you're from (presumably for places like New York and Chicago rather than Croydon). The blog also hints at glow sticks. Grief.