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Rockstar's Beaterator for October

PSP mixer has Timbaland's approval.

Rockstar Games has announced a 2nd October launch for PSP music game Beaterator. Or, as the game is now known, "Beaterator, presented by Rockstar Games and Timbaland".

Beaterator was once a mere Flash game on the Rockstar website. But so popular did it prove that Rockstar soon fleshed the music mixer into a proper product.

These days, Beaterator packs thousands of loops and sounds, and a suite of mixing tools Timbaland - who helped on the project - reckons are as good as his own.

"Beaterator is like taking my music studio and turning it into a suite of tools anyone can use. We can't wait to hear the beats people make and share with the world," said the renowned hip-hop producer.

The original version of Beaterator can be played on the Rockstar website.