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UK PS3 Slim will not sell early

Sony making shops go to the wire.

ShopTo has told Eurogamer that sales of PS3 Slim are forbidden here by Sony until 1st September - the date announced at gamescom.

That squashes any hope of an early purchase. In the US, however, stock is already on shelves and being sold, as Kotaku points out.

ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta said he expects a truckload of consoles to arrive tomorrow and can ship the machines as soon as Friday, as he runs a mail-order retail outlet.

The smaller, lighter and less power-hungry PS3 Slim was unveiled at the Sony gamescom 2009 conference. The PS3 Slim costs £249.

To get a better idea of its size, watch us un-box a PS3 Slim on the gamescom show floor and very nearly run away with it.