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Red Faction multiplayer DLC this month

Two new modes, eight new maps.

THQ has announced that it will follow up the Demons of the Badlands DLC for Red Faction: Guerrilla with a Multiplayer Pack on 17th September.

The Multiplayer Pack has new modes and maps and will cost 560 Microsoft Points (£4.76 / €6.72) on Xbox Live and $6.99 or equivalent on PSN.

The publisher also said to expect a third DLC pack in October, with details to be released in the near future.

The new multiplayer modes in the current pack are Bagman and Team Bagman, where the goal is to grab and protect the bag for as long as possible.

The new maps are called Broadside, Compound, Division, Equilibrium, Gradient, Haven, Remnant and Puncture. Good solid names, those.

You can check out a gameplay trailer for the pack over on Eurogamer TV, narrated by one of the developers.

Alternatively, check out our review of the single-player orientated Demons of the Badlands elsewhere on Eurogamer.

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Red Faction: Guerrilla

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