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EA trademarks nineties classics

Road Rash, Wing Commander, Bullfrog IP.

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EA has filed four new trademarks for four very old game titles from its intellectual property vaults: Populous, Theme Park, Road Rash and Wing Commander.

Tireless trademark digger superannuation made the spot, as usual.

It was only yesterday that we reported EA studio boss Harvey Elliot's enthusiasm for revisiting the Bullfrog classics Populous and Theme Park. EA bought the rights to them when it bought Peter Molyneux's Bullfrog in 1995.

The same goes for the much-loved space combat epic Wing Commander, created by Origin Systems back in 1990, a couple of years before EA bought the company.

Road Rash is all EA's own work, a combative motorcycle racing game that first appeared on the Mega Drive in 1991. A return for the series has been rumoured for some time.

It's all gone a bit early nineties round EA's house. We'll keep an eye out for further signs of resurrection.

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