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EA plans Madden Arcade title

Reiterates EA Active expansion plan.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has announced plans to build on the success of downloadable ice hockey game 3 on 3 Arcade with an American football game in the same vein.

Madden Arcade is on the way this autumn, Moore told folks on the latest EA financial call (thanks GameSpot), although he didn't elaborate other than to say it would be a digital download title.

With that in mind, PS3 and Xbox 360's download services seem like a safe bet. 3 on 3 Arcade went for $10 or 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80 / €9.60), so that would seem a safe bet on that front too, although nothing is confirmed just yet.

Moore also restated plans announced at E3 to release an EA Sports Active expansion "this holiday".

Moore didn't elaborate on its contents, but EA is bound to be cautious with its new baby, which has clung adhesively to Wii Fit's coattails in software charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

We liked it too, awarding the fitness package 8/10 following its May launch - the same score Wii Fit collected.

Of course, it won't have escaped EA's attention that a Christmas launch for a new EA Sports Active package will also put the game up against Wii Fit Plus, which is due out in November.