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Black Wii Fit Plus pack announced

A Black Wii Fit Plus software bundle is limbering up for launch, Nintendo has announced.

Available from 7th October, the package includes a black Balance Board and a copy of Wii Fit Plus.

Nintendo hasn't mentioned an RRP, but Zavvi currently has it listed for pre-order at 73.85. The standard white Balance Board version currently sells for around 65.

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Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

Nintendo's fab Donkey Kong Country sales

Plus eye-popping lifetime sales disclosed.

In under one month, Donkey Kong Country Returns has trampled to a massive 4.21 million global sales.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - not yet released in Europe - has already amassed 1.38 million sales in Japan and the US.

And Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been bought 6.15 million times since its summer 2010 release.

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Resort, Fit Plus, NSMB sell 10m each

Iwata's prophecy is fulfilled.

Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros. Wii have all sold over 10 million copies in just one financial year - exactly as Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata predicted in August 2009.

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus

Gym and tonic.

In the latest edition of Iwata Asks, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the sequel to Wii Fit. Except it's not a sequel, according to Miyamoto. "It's not number two! It's not what you'd call a sequel with a regular game - it's actually an enhanced version of the software," he said.

"A sequel is when users who were basically satisfied with the original software have the chance to purchase additional data that follows on from the original. But in the case of Wii Fit Plus... I want to say: 'With this, you'll transform your Wii balance board into something even better!'"

Sadly that doesn't turn out to be a hoverboard. Wii Fit Plus has been designed to transform the balance board from what, for many people, it has become - a big, dusty reminder of the fact you're so lazy you can't even be bothered to do exercise when it involves virtual hula hoops.

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Wii Fit Plus is

Wii Fit Plus is "not a sequel" - Miyamoto

Also: why he always carries a tape measure.

In the latest edition of Iwata Asks, Nintendo boss and wannabe chat-show host Satoru Iwata interviewed his most famous employee, Shigeru Miyamoto, about Wii Fit Plus. Miyamoto told his superior that he regarded the new fitness title as an "enhanced version", not a sequel.

"We began developing Wii Fit Plus with a kind of typical game developer's way of thinking: since the first one has sold well, we should come up with a sequel," he confessed.

But, although there are some 20-odd new exercises and mini-games, and a new method of combining physical and mental exercises, Miyamoto felt it was more important to improve the "convenience factor" of the Wii Fit so players wouldn't stop using it after a while.

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Wii Fit Plus storms Japanese chart

Gran Turismo PSP off the pace.

Wii Fit Plus springs to the top of the Japanese software chart this week by shifting a considerable 340,000 copies, according to Media Create data.

US Government fights terrorists with Wii

Balance board involved in security research.

US Homeland Security is funding a new screening project that makes use of commercially available sensors to measure things like your heart rate and body temperature - and one of the components, for now at least, is a Wii balance board.

Resort, Fit Plus, NSMB will sell 10m each

Iwata puts his mouth where his money is.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said he expects Nintendo's three big 2009 releases - Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros. Wii - to sell 10 million copies each within this fiscal year.

E3: Wii Fit Plus announced

E3: Wii Fit Plus announced

New exercises, games, custom routines.

Nintendo has surprised virtually nobody by announcing a sequel to Wii Fit called Wii Fit Plus, due for release this autumn both as a standalone disc and bundled with the balance board.

One key feature is the ability to design your own fitness regime, picking and choosing from activities on offer to craft a workout tailored exactly to your needs.

Six new strength and yoga activities have been implemented to keep things spicy. Users can target specific body areas, choose particular activities or sit next to the most attractive person in the gym on the exercise bike and leer suggestively whilst flexing their incredibly dense quads.

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