EA Sports Active More Workouts

EA Sports Active More Workouts

I gave a talk on videogames at a conference a couple of months back. Only, it wasn't a games event. It was the annual conference of the National Obesity Forum at the Royal College of Physicians, and I was blathering on about active gaming.

That I was invited as a gamer to present to an audience of medical experts is palpable evidence of the impact Wii specifically has had beyond gaming itself. One in four British adults is classified as obese, and with reports suggesting fully half of the population will look like professional darts players by 2050, suddenly some very important people outside of gaming are starting to see it as part of the solution, rather than the problem.

One particular moment in my session stood out. I asked for a show of hands: "Who owns a Wii?" Roughly 75 percent of the audience raised an arm. "And Wii Fit?" Only a small number dropped. "How about EA Sports Active?" One solitary hand remained aloft.

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EA plans Madden Arcade title

Reiterates EA Active expansion plan.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has announced plans to build on the success of downloadable ice hockey game 3 on 3 Arcade with an American football game in the same vein.

E3: EA Sports Active to get expansion

E3: EA Sports Active to get expansion

First add-on to arrive this "holiday".

The first expansion pack for EA Sports Active will hit the shops "this holiday", according to Peter Moore. [EA has since announced that the game will ship to Japanese shops on 6th August - Ed]

The EA Sports boss made the announcement during his company's E3 conference. He promised "more exercises and more challenges" for the expansion pack - another 30 exercises, to be precise.

There will be an emphasis on "working the core [muscles]" and you can expect more sports - "even waterskiing".

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