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Xbox Live dashboard updating now

Service won't be down, just to be clear.

Microsoft has begun rolling out the Xbox Live summer dashboard update, and the service will not go down while the new features are applied. You will be prompted to install the changes over the next few hours.

Xbox Live bigwig Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb asks us to remember that the ability to use the Avatar Marketplace and the Xbox Live games-on-demand service through will be added this Thursday.

The Xbox Live supper update brings an expansive platter of additions. Among them: full Xbox 360 games on demand, an Avatar Marketplace, community game ratings, better party controls and a renamed Indie Games channel. A full list of the improvements can be found on the Xbox website.

There are some hidden bonuses too, as the Digital Foundry blog points out.

Remember that Twitter, Facebook and features will not be available until later this year. It's a similar story for the Zune Video Marketplace, too.

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