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SEGA reveals playable EG Expo games

Bayonetta and AVP in your hands.

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As you're all no doubt aware, the October dates of the Eurogamer Expo are looming ever larger and more tantalisingly on the horizon, and even though we know you have faith in us to put on a show, we thought it only fair to let you know about some of the games you'll be playing there - beginning with SEGA.

What's hidden in SEGA's special pocket for us? Firstly it's none other than sultry witch-fest Bayonetta, a game clad so tightly in PVC that it comes with a free tube of Canesten [no it doesn't - Ed]. Fresh from the stable of ex-Clover developers PlatinumGames, Bayonetta puts players in the killer heels of a shape-shifting witch, out to rid the world of things that could easily have escaped from a particularly lurid Hieronymous Bosch painting. Check out the latest videos on EGTV.

However, some of you will probably be reserving excitable noises for the second game on SEGA's platter: Aliens vs. Predator. Not only will Rebellion's sci-fi face-off be playable, but we've gotten our mitts on a multiplayer version, meaning you'll be able to settle any old scores about whether there's more elegance in phasing out of stealth to cut a throat, dropping from an air-vent to munch on a frontal lobe, or quivering in a dark corner and waving a pulse rifle at anything that moves. Overall winners will be rewarded with a special 'face-hug' from Tom. We were quite impressed when we previewed it recently, so we're looking forward to whipping out our motion sensors and doing a spot of cowering.

SEGA, obviously, loves us like tiny kitten-children, but it turns out that the gaming giant has enough squishy love to go around all of you, too. Senior product manager Ben Walker had these lovely words to say: "Following the success of last year's show, SEGA is very excited to be debuting at this year's Eurogamer Expo; supporting the show gives us a fantastic opportunity to showcase two of our most important releases to Eurogamer's dedicated and discerning gaming audience."

Isn't that nice? Best bring a special thank you for him with you when you set off. Make sure you bring your tickets too.

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