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Wii-exclusive Harvest Moon dated

Pig the best way to manage time.

Rising Star Games and Nintendo have decided on a 9th October release date Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

This is the first instalment to be built exclusively for Wii, which means arm-wavy controls and tidy visuals, we hope.

The break from tradition stops there, however, as Tree of Tranquility settles into a familiar Harvest Moon rhythm: wake, farm, sleep, marry. And how you manage your time and split the duties to ensure a bountiful crop is paramount.

Do too much, for instance, and you'll fall sick and sleep through the next day, rendering it useless.

This formula has been fiendishly compelling before, and Metacritic averages (from the US) suggest that the same is true of Tree of Tranquility. It's problem - the cause of the 65 per cent score average - has been innovation. We'll let you know what we reckon soon.