Harvest Moon

Virtual Console Roundup

Virtual Console Roundup

Harvest Moon and Donkey Kong Country 3.

Not much to talk about this week, I'm afraid, so bear with me while I do a little editorialising.

Look, it's not like I'm not grateful. No company is obliged to offer anything more than it needs to, and gamers all too often develop a weird sense of entitlement when they've been 'loyal' to a certain publisher which leads to unrealistic expectations. But even so, attempting to pass off the Christmas Day release of Donkey Kong Country 3 as some sort of 'special update' when the following Friday brought us sweet bugger all is more than a little cheeky. That's not a special update - it's just an early (and rather small) update.

Now that the Nintendo elves are all back at the giant lever that uploads new games, normal Friday service is resumed this week...but we still only get one new game. That's two games in two weeks. For the record, the US got six games in the same period (most of which are already available here, admittedly) and it seems strange that at the time when the ranks of Wii owners will swell, that the Virtual Console is at its lowest ebb.

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Harvest Moon on UK VC

Along with Chrimbo's DKC3.

As those of you browsing this week's exciting guest-written instalment of What's New may have spotted, the Christmas release of Donkey Kong Country 3 on Wii Virtual Console has been bolstered today by the addition of the SNES version of Harvest Moon.