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WB: This is Vegas not cancelled

Despite retailer binning pre-orders.

Warner Bros. has denied that former Midway openworld title This is Vegas has been canned, despite a US retailer telling customers pre-orders would not be fulfilled.

WorthPlaying reported over the weekend that GameStop had removed the game from its listings and told customers it had been cancelled.

However, G4 was subsequently told otherwise by Warner Bros., which acquired Midway's assets earlier this year.

"This is Vegas has not been cancelled," a spokesperson said. "The game is currently in production."

The game had been billed as an openworld affair where you "gamble, race, party and fight", and was in development at Surreal Software in Seattle.

Check out our This is Vegas preview from last year's Midway Gamers Day event to see how it was - and apparently still is - shaping up.