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Japan chart: Monster Hunter Tri displaced

Wii exclusive not gripping the nation.

Monster Hunter Tri has been knocked off the Japanese chart pedestal by PS2 newcomer SD Gundam G Generation Wars, which posts a winning score of 175,000 sales.

Second-week sales for Capcom's Wii exclusive are an ordinary 137,000 units, according to Media Create data. That takes lifetime Monster Hunter Tri sales to 657,000 units.

That's a drop in the ocean when compared to third-place Dragon Quest IX, which breaks 3.5m sales after a month on the shelves. Both games, incidentally, earned full marks from ruling regional magazine Famitsu.

There are five other new entries in the top 10 alone this week, ending 9th August: Tales of VS. (PSP) at four, Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes (PS2) at seven, SD Gundam G Generation Wars (Wii) at eight, Color Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love (DS) at nine and J-League Winning Eleven 2009: Club Championship (PS2) at 10.

Xbox 360 role-playing game Magna Carta 2 just missed a top-flight debut to finish at 11, while the Eastern release of Red Faction: Guerrilla failed to dent to running order, as PS3 and 360 versions enter at 29 and 30 respectively.

Hardware sales are dominated by Nintendo, as DS Lite and DSi combine to shift 78,735 units and Wii sells 47,140 units. The PSP, with 33,893 sales, is the only significant other.

Interestingly, the PS3 only very marginally beat Xbox 360 this week, selling 390 more consoles (5826 - 5436). The PS2 finishes bottom of the pile with 4601, despite a strong representation in the software chart.

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