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Mr Driller revamp shakes WiiWare

Poker and platformer join parade.

Today on WiiWare there's Texas Hold'Em Poker, and a remake of Mr Driller.

At 800 Wii Points (£5.60 online / £8 using a point-card), Mr Driller is the more expensive of the pair. New graphics, levels, difficulty and tutorials bring this old classic up to date, though the tried and tested core remains.

Texas Hold'Em Poker - 600 Wii Points (£4.20 / £6) - is poker with "fun" Wii controls. Made by Gameloft, there are plenty of modes and tournaments stuffed in, plus tutorials both basic and advanced to brush up your skills with.

Over to DSiWare and there's Oscar in Toyland for 800 DSi Points (£7.20 / £8 - DSi Points are more expensive). This is a bright and cheery platform game with candy lands and fairground rides. There are wings with which to fly and shoes to make you jump, and there's a special yo-yo that can zap and swing.

And that's that.