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ArmA II expands with Arrowhead

Standalone add-on at gamescom.

IDEA and Bohemia have revealed an expansion for modern-day war game ArmA II.

Dubbed Operation Arrowhead, the add-on is standalone, so there's no need to own the original campaign.

The story takes place three years after ArmA II, and follows the US Army into Takistan on a peace restoration mission. That's central-Asia, by the way, which allowed Bohemia a chance for a change of scenery.

Otherwise, Operation Arrowhead is more of the same: more exhaustive tactical choice and strategising, and more role-swapping within the army, from Special Ops to infantry grunt.

We're to get a proper look at Operation Arrowhead at gamescom next week. Until then, you find a couple of screenshots in our ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead gallery.

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