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Wii prison game Discipline detailed

Squirt fluid to relieve hard time.

They don't come any stranger than this. So strange, in fact, that we rather hope IGN has lost something in the translation of Famitsu's article on Marvelous' upcoming WiiWare game, Discipline.

Discipline puts the player in the shoes of a volunteer inmate in a new high-security prison, earning the money to put your sister through surgery. Your goal is to help your fellow inmates resolve their problems, and you do this by using the Wii remote - or "You-con" - to collect and squirt "You Fluid".

Squirting fluid somehow helps other prisoners manage their desires for sleep, food, or relief from boredom. The example given in Famitsu apparently involves shooting fluid at a poster to generate excitement.

As you fulfil the inmates' desires, you break down their "Heart Walls" and cause them to open up to you, eventually releasing a Heart Crystal and moving on to be replaced by another prisoner.

Allow them to become too frustrated, however - or get caught playing with your You-con by a guard - and you'll get sent to solitary.

Don't look at us. Discipline is due for release in Japan on 25th August for 800 Nintendo Points, so all will become clear then. Or, more likely, not.

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