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Batman PS3 unlocks Batcave in Home

Well, it does in America anyway.

The US PlayStation blog reports that the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum will unlock a Batcave personal space - i.e. apartment for your avatar - in PlayStation Home.

Screens show, well, a dingy cave with suits of armour and the threatening-looking Batwing and Batmobile lurking within.

However, as European Home users will be well used to by now, there's no confirmation that the promotion will appear on this side of the Atlantic yet.

The latest Home update on the European PlayStation blog mentions the new limited-access MotorStorm Sphere event space, but offers nothing on Batman.

Arkham Asylum will be released in two weeks' time, and the PS3 version already boasts an exclusive in the form of a playable Joker. More at the Batman: Arkham Asylum gamepage.