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Bethesda confirms EG Expo list

WET and Wheelspin on show.

Bethesda, publisher of the mighty Fallout 3 and the Elder Scrolls series, has confirmed that both sexy action thriller WET and Wii-exclusive racer Wheelspin will be playable at our wonderful Expo in October.

Fresh from the stable of Archer McLean's Awesome Team studio, Wheelspin is a frenetic, futuristic racer which squeezes an incredible 60fps from the Wii's diminutive frame, embracing the values of instant fun and multiplayer enjoyment with its instinctive controls and eight-person local multiplayer.

There are races, time trials and a battle mode on offer in the full game, and we're hoping to see them all in full effect on the show floor. We're also cooking up a preview on playable code now, so keep your eyes peeled.

WET has been attracting admiring glances from fans of shooters and slashers alike with its focus on gun and swordplay - with feisty protagonist Ruby winning special prizes for being dressed quite sensibly. Featuring the vocal talents of Eliza Dushku, WET is all about slow-motion glory-slides through rooms crowded with ne'erdowells, capping with twin-pistols and cutting with a meaty katana.

There's also a terribly stylish rage mode to add class to the slaughter, the action switching to silhouetted baddies on a suitably blood-red background to facilitate the separation of life and limb. They're a dab hand with the off-kilter viral too.

For those of you who've not been keeping pace with the relentless announcements of playable killer Expo apps, here's a quick summary.

Which is more than enough reason for you to shell out the requisite six nuggets, we think, and there's still so much more to come. Get on over to our virtual ticket office and put yourself on the confirmed list for the biggest gaming event in the UK.

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