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Bizarre's Blur purrs on November grid

PGR's wild child approaches.

Activision has announced that Bizarre Creations' racing game Blur will be released in November.

"In November we'll release our new racing game Blur from Bizarre Creations," Mike Griffith, Activision big cheese, told investors during a financial call yesterday (transcript on Seeking Alpha).

"Blur had a strong showing at E3 as well, including the nomination for best racing game. We're excited to be entering this genre and we think the game itself sets us apart from the competition and will establish a new franchise for the company."

Bizarre Creations is, of course, the creator of Project Gotham Racing, and so has serious genre pedigree.

Blur pelts down the arcade lane once more, only this time without seatbelts on and with a cannon fastened to the bonnet. Head over to our hands-on impressions of Blur to see what we thought.