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Rage and Brink head QuakeCon 2009

First public demonstrations planned.

id Software has announced the first public demonstrations of Rage and Brink will take place at QuakeCon 2009 later this week.

The event begins Thursday 13th August, which is when all eyes will be on the id Software and John Carmack keynotes that run from 3.30pm CDT (8.30pm BST). Friday's speech by Bethesda bigwig Todd Howard - 3pm CDT (8pm BST) - should also pull in the crowds.

The Brink live demonstration will be lead by Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood on Friday at 1pm CDT (6pm BST). Then, on Saturday, creative director Tim Willits and lead designer Matt Hooper will walk us through Rage from 2.30pm CDT (7.30pm BST).

id Software has kept post-apocalyptic shooter/racer hybrid Rage under wraps for a while, although a pre-QuakeCon Game Informer preview filled plenty of cracks.

Splash Damage's class-based co-operative online shooter Brink has been equally elusive. We did, however, manage to clap eyes on the game after its E3 reveal earlier this year.

A full QuakeCon 2009 schedule can be found on the event website.

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