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Scratch DJ enlists new developer

As launch skips to early next year.

Numark Industries and Genius Products have hired another developer to finish Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, pushing the music game's release back to early next year.

Commotion Interactive will pick-up where original developer 7 Studios - now owned by DJ Hero publisher Activision - left off.

Scratch had once looked likely to beat DJ Hero to market, but legal spats between the two owners have benefited Activision - whose turntable game launches on 13th November.

Unperturbed, Numark bigwig Fred Galpern told Gamasutra that Scratch is still the "superior DJ gaming experience". All original music deals are intact, he added, as is the involvement of renowned music maker Quincy "QD3" Jones.

All Scratch DJ awaits now is the return of original code and assets from Activision's 7 Studios, as per the court's orders. Galpern's not sure how much will come back, but is "moving forward aggressively" with or without it.