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250GB PS3 Slim on the way?

FCC filing suggests second model.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony could be preparing a second model of PS3 Slim with a 250GB hard drive for the market, according to a legal filing uncovered by PS3 News.

A PDF of a radio test report, filed with the FCC back in May - but under the name Sand Dollar Enterprises, so no-one noticed - lists four new PlayStation 3s: two debug test versions, and two production versions with 120GB and 250GB hard drives.

The model number of the 120GB PS3 matches that of the Slim revealed at Sony's gamescom conference yesterday.

It proves no more than that Sony was recently considering a 250GB version of the Slim seriously enough to make a prototype and submit it for tests on its Bluetooth and wifi radio equipment. But that's fairly serious, and a fair indication that we might see a premium PS3 Slim in the future.

Sony's already promised a strong showing at the Tokyo Game Show at the end of September, so watch out for more news in a month's time.

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