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APB requires no monthly subscription

Console version being "evaluated".

Realtime Worlds has revealed that urban MMO APB will not require a monthly subscription, as a keen-eyed Eurogamer reader found out.

"The actual price for the game itself is still under discussion but we'll keep you up to date. We can confirm that APB will not require a monthly subscription," the APB website FAQ reads.

APB launches next spring on PC. There will be no Linux or Mac conversions, and the likelihood of the Xbox 360 version appearing looks slim: "We're evaluating opportunities for a console port of APB but there’s nothing concrete to announce at the moment," the FAQ adds.

We heard at E3 earlier this year that APB was "being developed for Xbox 360", although no further details were offered.

APB is a great big online cops and robbers game, where you pick a side, adorn yourself with tattoos and fight in 100-player rumbles.

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