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Wife made Legends director like Halo

"I just sort of got addicted after that."

Halo Legends creative director Shinji Aramaki has admitted he would never stumbled on the Bungie universe were his wife not a Halo 3 fangirl.

"I've always been a fan of video games, and my wife told me that Halo 3 is the best game on the 360," Aramaki told Famitsu, spotted by 1UP.

"I just sort of got addicted after that. It's a very intricate world. It's hard to do such an epic story in movie form these days, but it's easy to get into it as a game. There's just enough humour in it, too.

"It's a great piece of pure entertainment," he added.

Announced recently at Comic-Con, Halo Legends is a series of seven short animated episodes each tackling the licence in a unique style.

Aramaki said he originally fleshed-out 10 or so short stories from Halo concept materials before whittling them down to seven with Bungie's Halo overlord Frank O'Connor.

He then selected studios best suited for each tale and shipped the stories out, granting his blessing for them to add any "unique touches".

"The resulting variations you see turned out very well, I think," he said.

Halo Legends airs in part on Xbox Live this autumn, with the complete series to follow on DVD early next year.