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Mobigame may keep EDGE name

iPhone dev has "overwhelming support".

Mobigame claims to have "overwhelming support" in the EDGE versus Tim Langdell/Edge Games argument, and appears to be considering keeping the EDGE name for its acclaimed iPhone game after all.

"Now that the road is clear for 'EDGY' we can look further into the implications of changing the name," writes Mobigame in an open letter on PocketGamer. "However, because of the overwhelming support we have had and the fact that we are increasingly finding that legal position favours our continuing use of the name 'EDGE', we have to consider this carefully.

"We are clearly not the first and won't be the last to experience these troubles and we do not propose walking away from them. If we do re-brand it will not be because Edge Games has any validity in its claims but because its conduct has made it impossible for us to trade meaningfully otherwise."

Mobigame dismisses Langdell's open letter as "another example" of "improper conduct", and one that contains "a number of false statements, manipulations of the truth and fabricated evidence".

Edge Games, on the other hand, claims Mobigame "lied" about being held-up while trying to change the name of iPhone game EDGE to EDGY, so as not infringe trademark any longer.

"Mobigame only said this to make Edge Games look bad," wrote Edge Games, "and to make our CEO personally look bad, too - and to try to falsely blame us for Mobigame's lost revenues so as to deceive the independent game community into taking pity on Mobigame and siding with Mobigame against Edge Games and Dr Lagndell personally."

This statement was updated yesterday to reiterate that the pieces of evidence contained within are "completely genuine" and Edge Games "can prove they are".

"The only alterations are the obvious ones - redaction of the individuals at Edge since Mobigame seems intent on perpetuating defamation against Edge employees as individuals rather than employees - and do not alter meaning," the update states.

Edge Games claims ownership of the Edge name when used for a videogame-related product.

Head to our "The Edge of Reason?" article for a full and illuminating analysis of the story so far.

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