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2K bringing Borderlands to EG Expo

Gearbox's shooter will be playable.

More hot Expo facts fresh from the presses for you this morning: 2K Games has announced that concept shooter Borderlands will be playable at the October Expo.

We've always had an intrigued eye on Gearbox's RPG-styled blaster, but the recent visual reboot has turned that intrigue into something a little more sexy. Johnny was certainly quite charmed when he last had a look-see, commending Randy Pitchford for his willingness to take risks. Debuting a new IP in such a potentially mould-breaking style is certainly a brave move, and one we'd love to see rewarded.

Pitchford is philosophical on the matter, stating that: "I think eventually [games are] going to be the dominant form of entertainment if we're not already. What's going to get us there is being able to take risks and being able to innovate. Because if we always do the same stuff we don't push ourselves forward anymore." Hear, hear.

It's certainly no ordinary-looking game, and despite the fact that it should be in shops once the Expo opens, it's an excellent chance to try before you buy. In fact, our retail partners HMV will be on hand to facilitate your purchasing needs should Borderlands, or indeed any other title, tickle your fancy. Honestly, it's like we've thought of everything.

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