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DJ Hero: DJ AM, Z-Trip, Shadow vids

Five vids embedded beyond the click.

It's a happy day in DJ Hero land, because DJ Heroes enjoy video almost as much as they enjoy DJing, and Activision has released various DJ Hero videos overnight which we've somehow managed to encode into the Eurogamer TV backend despite only getting them after we went home last night. This is how much we love you.

However, evidently our love is not enough, because the gurus who designed the Eurogamer website also decided to include a whopping grey sidebar thing that gets in the way of our embeds unless we burn some text beforehand, so essentially this is filler. Sorry about that.

DJ Hero, then. It's due out in late October on PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, and comes with a big old turntable peripheral that let's you scratch your own rinsing tunes, or somesuch, in order to match whatever beats the gameplay promotes.

This is the sort of thing, incidentally, that you can read about in our DJ Hero preview from E3, which an uncharitable individual might assume we'd make more of an effort to summarise for you here, rather than blocking out another paragraph with fluff to bust you down to the video embeds. But you love charity, so here are the videos instead:

DJ AM vignette (he's playable in the game, and has his own mixes)

DJ AM gameplay video 1 (showing one of his mixes)

DJ Z-Trip gameplay video 1 (showing one of his mixes)

DJ Z-Trip gameplay video 2 (showing another of his mixes)

DJ Shadow gameplay video (showing one of his mixes)

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DJ Hero

PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii

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