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Gladiator WiiWare game for autumn

Inspired by Punch-Out and WOW.

Ghostfire Games has announced an autumn release for WiiWare game Rage of the Gladiator.

This is a first-person fantasy brawler with combat "inspired by some of the best ideas from games such as 1980s Punch Out", the website claims.

There's a combo system inspired by God of War too, we're told, plus music inspired by the film 300, cut-scenes inspired by Final Fantasy and skill-tree advancement inspired by Diablo and World of Warcraft.

You are Gracius, a gladiator equipped with magical hammer and "trusty shield" who must battle through boss after boss until eventually victorious. Enemies range from minotaurs to floaty eyes to lion-things with flappy necks and eye limbs.

There are a couple of game modes but no multiplayer, and a price has yet to be set.

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