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Dante's Inferno coming in February

EA unveils new Righteousness system.

Electronic Arts has announced Dante's Inferno will be released in the US on 9th February, with a European launch to follow on February 12th.

Senior producer Justin Lambros made the announcement at EA's gamescom press conference. He also showed the audience the sixth circle of hell, Heresy, for the first time. Turns out it's quite burny.

Lambros then revealed the game's Righteousness system. This will allow you to Punish or Absolve the damned souls and demon enemies you come across. In other words, you can cut them in half and spear them through the face, or send them off gently in a ball of bright white light.

The decisions you make affect how Dante evolves as a character. Go down the punishment route and your crazy scythe thing will get more powerful, while absolving people will increase the strength of your holy cross.

Roll on February, then.

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Dante's Inferno

PS3, Xbox 360, PSP

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