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DOWII adds free DLC Last Stand

Meaty wave-based arena mode.

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THQ has revealed a new, free Last Stand mode for Dawn of War II that adds considerable extra online content. An exact date is to be announced, but late September or early October are the best estimates for now.

The challenge is for three fighters to stand in an arena and fend off up to 20 waves of baddies.

The first four waves present "little danger"; the next four increase the challenge "considerably"; the next four require practice; the next four the "vast majority" will fail; and the final four a "tiny few" will beat after "a lot" of practice.

Thankfully, characters level up and carry their progress into the next match, losing none of their experience or new equipment when they die - you can even resurrect each other. You can chose from a human Tactical Marine, an eldar Farseer and an orc Mekboy. Experience can be zeroed again if you want to take another class for a ride.

Last Stand is designed as an enticing way to get isolated campaigners online and playing with other people - either with invited friends or auto-matched to strangers. They don't bite. Maybe.

Last Stand also helps add value to purchased copies of Dawn of War II and discourage piracy. And as such, THQ plans to do a lot more content of this type.

Head over to our Last Stand gallery and to Eurogamer TV for a Last Stand video to see more.

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