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PS3 WipEout HD ads causing problems?

Load times seen doubling before races.

Brand new WipEout HD in-game advertising may be causing load times to double before races begin.

A comparison video on YouTube (spotted by IndustryGamers) shows a clear difference of around 10 seconds between loading a level with no adverts and one with.

In-game ad agency Double Fusion announced the WipEout HD deal yesterday. The video adverts, we were told, will be restricted to loading screens. One obvious conclusion is that load-times are being prolonged so the adverts more exposure and a better chance at being absorbed.

So far this is unconfirmed, although we have approached both Sony and Double Fusion for comment. Eurogamer's resident blacksmith of the future, Digital Foundry, is having a look at the performance allegation as well.

Meanwhile, Double Fusion plans similar adverts for a further "handful" of premium PS3 games by the end of the year.