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FIFA set-piece creator will work online

EA won't turn it off unless exploits emerge.

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EA Canada has decided to let you use FIFA 10's set-piece creator in online matches after all, but may turn it off if people find a way to take the piss as they did with last year's Custom Tactics.

"We've set it up online so we can turn it off if we think it's not working out," creative director Gary Paterson told Eurogamer in Canada last week.

"We are going to release with it online, so we'll see how it goes, and if people are abusing it or if there is a way to abuse it, then we will have to turn it off. Which really sucks, because there's like 95 per cent of people who just want to go on there and have a football experience, and then there's like these other guys who just want to win at all costs, and be on top of the leaderboard whether they've cheated or not."

Asked whether the team considered letting people use it in custom matches, just not ranked ones, Paterson said they did. "That was the ideal, and we will definitely do that in future, but unfortunately we couldn't find the time [in FIFA 10's development schedule]," he explained.

Not that FIFA 10 is short on updates, as you will discover if you read today's massive, in-depth FIFA 10 hands-on preview. With Konami back in some sort of form with Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, also previewed this week, 2009's football game season is shaping up to be more competitive than ever.

Look out for our reviews of both games closer to their release dates (FIFA 10 on 2nd October, PES 2010 in the next few months). We'll also have more from our FIFA 10 trip, including a Eurogamer TV Show and some insight into less-celebrated aspects of the game like commentary, animation and technology, once gamescom is out of the way.

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