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EA Sports reveals "Ten Dollar"-like plans

Moore keen to "monetise", "digitise".

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Peter Moore has spoken of digitising and monetising Madden and EA Sports games, suggesting that his department be the next to employ "Project Ten Dollar" measures.

"It keeps the disc in the drive longer, it stalls trading the game in, it allows me to be able to take further advantage of that consumer over a longer period of time," said Moore at a Morgan Stanley Technology conference reported by IGN. "Even if we do get second sales, we see that as an opportunity to drive digital margins."

"Sports games, because their seasonality runs out, are always something tempting to trade in. We've got to be able to build business models around allowing that consumer to trade it in and then monetize them".

However, Moore didn't specifically name "Project Ten Dollar" - EA's anti-trade-in manoeuvre that gifts a DLC platform with first-hand retail copies of games that must be bought for around $10 should someone buy the game second-hand.

Moore added that we're going to see "digital subscriptions" and "digital micro-transactions" crop up in EA Sports games. Snatching another $4/5 from a high install base is a "high margin digital revenue", explained Moore.

What's more, Moore's keen to do "a lot of that this year".

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