2010 FIFA World Cup


Video2010 World Cup - Brammers v Marto!

Editor (Por) takes on EG designer (Spa).

Video2010 World Cup - Champo v Brammers!

Podcast host (Bra) takes on editor (Arg).

Video2010 World Cup - Argentina Peru qualy

Can Maradona's side score to stay in it?

Video2010 World Cup - Ireland Italy scenario

Can Italy score in the dying moments?

Key events

EA makes lots of money in first quarter

FIFA, B:BC2 andů Scrabble do the biz.

EA predicts Spain World Cup win

Uses FIFA to simulate entire tournament.

FIFA World Cup makes Japan chart

Sony's PS3 is best-selling console.

UK charts: FIFA World Cup remains top

Sin and Punishment 2 falters.

UK chart: 2010 FIFA World Cup is top

SSFIV in second, GOW Collection 10th.

Video2010 World Cup - Brammers v Marto!

Editor (Por) takes on EG designer (Spa).

Video2010 World Cup - Champo v Brammers!

Podcast host (Bra) takes on editor (Arg).

Video2010 World Cup - Argentina Peru qualy

Can Maradona's side score to stay in it?

Video2010 World Cup - Ireland Italy scenario

Can Italy score in the dying moments?

Video2010 World Cup - Saving penalties

Keeping goal the new way.

Video2010 World Cup - Penalties vs. Germany

England... don't do so well.

Video2010 World Cup - Advanced penalties

Special techniques for shootout glory.

Video2010 World Cup - Basic penalties

A walkthrough of the new system.

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

It's up for grabs now.

EA/Capcom games dodge volcano delays

FIFA World Cup, SSFIV, LP2 on time.

FIFA World Cup demo on PS3 Store

Plus: Home, Comics Store updated.

2010 FIFA World Cup demo tomorrow

Spain versus Italy, or vice versa.

2010 FIFA World Cup

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

VideoEGTV: Theo Walcott talks FIFA

He doesn't play with himself.

Video2010 FIFA World Cup - Sizzle trailer

What are we up to? 44 years of hurt?

EA Sports reveals "Ten Dollar"-like plans

Moore keen to "monetise", "digitise".

VideoThe EGTV Show: FIFA special

South Africa beckons.

World Cup producer on tackling quitters

Could incentivise people for staying course.

2010 FIFA World Cup

Terry and June.

EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup in April

Full online tournament! Altitude effects!

EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup confirmed

First screenshot tomorrow.