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Atari and Jamie Oliver love to cook

DS recipes in time for Christmas.

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Atari has signed Jamie "pukka pukka gorgeous lisp" Oliver to star in a DS cooking game this October.

Due out this Christmas, probably alongside the chef's Sainsbury's adverts, "What's Cooking? With Jamie Oliver" will walk you through piles of his sumptuous feasts.

The recipes, numbering about 100, are all illustrated by the chap who takes pictures for the Jamie Oliver books, and cooking advice stretches as far as what to buy in the supermarket. There's room for 100 of your own creations that you can share with friends or family using Wi-Fi, too.

Cooking is done in a 3D kitchen using the DS stylus to chop and stir and all the rest, and once you get good enough you can challenge your friends in an online cook-off.

"I really want to get as many people as I can cooking simple, tasty food, so I'm really excited about bringing a book's worth of my recipes to a game for the first time," said Jamie Oliver, maybe at home, relaxed, or out in the garden picking tomatoes.

"You can cook my recipes for real at home or in the game's 3D kitchens, but what's brilliant is that you can come up with your own recipes then share them with your mates and family over Wi-Fi. Lovely."

Head over to our What's Cooking? With Jamie Oliver gallery for the first screenshots. And yes, this was announced during E3 week, but we didn't get to it in time. Slow news day what back off?

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