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You're In The Movies for Xbox 360

Another use for your Live Vision camera.

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Microsoft unveiled madcap Xbox 360 camera game You're In The Movies at its E3 2008 briefing today, promising EyeToy-style mini-games and a way of repackaging captured player input into quirky little B-movies.

Utilising the Xbox 360's Live Vision Camera, users shoot improvised footage to create their own movies and "live out your dreams of becoming a scream queen, zombie or kung fu fighter" with, ahem, hilarious results.

With Microsoft's Don Mattrick and co unafraid to send themselves up, we witnessed players matching on-screen actions such as running to follow the movements of a silhouette, swatting pretend bugs or dancing along to music. You had to be there. Actually, you didn't.

It's all very Eye-Toy 2.0, but certainly amused Tom. The sight of Don running and stretching a bungee rope in clown trousers was described by our man on the scene as "the most bizarre thing I've ever seen". [I've since recovered. Fake-running is the new Halo tattoo. - Ed]

Anyway, the net result of all this pratting around is a wittily-edited B-movie style montage of your finest moments, compiled automagically by the 360. You can then edit these clips yourself and share them with friends via the magic of Xbox Live.

Published by Codemasters, You're In The Movies will be released in time for the Christmas, or if you're a fan of non-religious connotations, the holiday season. It's in development at Zoe Mode in the UK, and the Live Vision camera will be included, in case you were wondering.

More on You're In The Movies when Tom's drunk enough to do silly things in front of a Live Vision camera.

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